Monday, 17 August 2015

Dental Talk By Fineasi

Dental Talk

Last week, we went down to the hall to listen  a Dental talk by a Dental Hygienist who came from a dental clinic. She came and talked to us about how to keep our teeth clean and strong. She also talked to us about food and drinks that had sugar in it and were bad for our teeth. I learnt that a can of baked beans has sugar in it.

I learnt that a can of Red Bull has sugar, 7 Up and and Coca Cola has 23 table spoons of sugar and it is the most sold item in all of the super markets.

By Fineasi F

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Decimats By Fineasi


Today, we learnt about decimals in maths. We used decimats to help us learn.

1/10 is written as 0.1 in decimals
1/100 is written a 0.01 in decimals

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Trip back in the Days in the Pacific Islands By Fineasi

Trip back in the Days in the Pacific Islands

By Fineasi

Today, the students from Glenbrae School went to the Glenn Ines Library to learn about your an-sister and how they get everyday living. When we got to the Glenn Ines Library, Daren Carmarly, Viliami and other lady. They had to set up the Library for us to come in and sit down on the mat. After that, they introduced them selves to us and told us a little bit about them.

Viliami is from Tonga, Daren Carmarly is from Fiji and the lady is from Samoa. Then Mama Piry Put us into groups of threes so three people from the Museum came to one group each with different types of things that were used to get food.

They named a little bit of that they used in those they. The first thing that they showed us was a Drill, Make Feke and a Niu. The drill was used to make wholes in hard stone, Make Feke in used to catch octopus and the Niu is the tree of life because each Island in the Pacific ocean has got a Niu tree.


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Science Experiments by Fineasi

Today, the 4 of August 2015, the Science Club went to Tamaki Collage. When we got to Tamaki Collage, we all saw a big bouncy castle. After that we looked at the bouncy castle. Then we went into the hallway and a man came and took us to the Science Lab. When we got into the Science Lab, there was a teacher and two teacher aides. The teacher's name was Mr Molhtra. The teacher aides were Ms Graaf and Ms Caws. Mr Molhta  told us that he played with big boy toys. Then he showed us his toys. After a while, we finished the class and we had some lollies.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Poetry Recital By Fineasi


Today, Glenbrae school had their first ever Poetry Recital in their hall. Every class had 3 presenters, 3 Introduction and 3 people that had to thank them after when they say their poet. The people from our class that went up to say their poet are, Moses, Angelica and Maara. They were introduced by Dora, Alfred and Linder. They were thanked by Fraser, Sam and Mata.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Asthma Show By Fineasi

Asthma Show

Today Thursday 28 May 2015, this man and his name was Chris came to Glenbrae School to do a show about asthma because lots of kids get asthma than they would have to stay home because they feel sick. After the show, we had to each give a gold coin to donate to help people with asthma some they could pay there bills.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Tech By Fineasi

Technology at Tamaki College

Today, the year 7's and the year 8's went to Tamaki College  for their Technology class. We learnt to  make a digital story with Scratch.

By Fineasi F